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About me

Yihe Sun was born in Beijing, China in a scholarly and art family. Her grandfather Mr. Jusheng Sun is a famous artist not only in China, but also enjoy a high reputation abroad.She learnt painting from him. She is good at cat painting. The cats she painted are vivid. Her painting style is fresh and lively. She carries forward her family technic of cat painting and constantly brings forth new ideas in the arts. Yihe loves Chinese culture and likes Chinese painting, writing poems and playing Chinese traditional musical instrument Pipa.

Besides Chinese painting,Yihe also likes to express her love to nature and life in different materials of painting such as pencil drawings, acrylic, gouache, oil and watercolor paintings etc. She believes every moment of life is beautiful just like cats dancing, birds singing and flowers blossoming reflected in her artworks and those beautiful moment of life is worth to catch and enjoy.

Yihe graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics in China in 1986 and graduated from the Hague University in the Netherlands in MBA in 2000. She has ever worked in China, the Netherlands, Singapore and UK and has ever travelled to 25 countries. She became a member of the Dutch National Association for Visual Artists (NABK) in the Netherlands in Feb. 2014.